Author: kearahryan

Children’s Storytime: In honor of Black History Month

The month of February is Black History Month. During this month, the achievements of Black Americans are celebrated. Watch the story video below to learn about one of these amazing persons and the work that they did. The story also helps us to understand how Jesus can show us the way!

I Will Go: Giving Care Packages

My Grandma told my sister that she needed some help. So I jumped in and asked, “Help with what, Grandma?” She said, “unpacking some barrels, to prepare care packages”. So I asked, “At what time Grandma?”. Grandma said, “4:30pm”. I said, “I will be there at 4:30pm, Grandma!” I remembered Mrs. Kay Dorsette-Hector telling us […]


I visited PRIME. PRIME stands for “Produced in Montserrat Expo”. When I entered the Cultural Centre there was this beautiful water fountain. I couldn’t help myself. I took so many pictures here. I was just so beautiful! After taking even more pictures I went inside. I found the most amazing soap display. The ladies were […]