Author: kearahryan

Bird Posters

When I got home from school, my Mommy said that she had a surprise for me. She unrolled some paper and there they were, some beautiful bird posters! I quickly pointed out the birds that I saw on the Shorebird Watching tour and the ones I saw in my backyard when I was Feeding Hummingbirds. […]

Care Packages

My church decided that we going to distribute care packages into the community. I really wanted to help out because I remember how much fun it was to surprise someone else with a Blessings Box. There were so many items being organized to be packed into bags to give out. The bags were green and […]

Blessings Box

Have you ever done something nice for someone for no particular reason? Well, that’s what I decided to do. In our Zoom Sabbath School meeting, Teacher Sharmen encouraged us to create a blessings box. This is a box that you can fill with goodies and then give to someone for “no particular reason”. I was […]