Christmas Lights

Do you love to see Christmas lights? I do!

I wanted to get a bit closer to them. We took a drive around to see if we could find any pretty lights and I found some that I really liked.

MS Osborne Ltd looked amazing! Santa and his reindeers were lifting off into the night sky.

The Little Bay Market Building looked so pretty with all the lights. It looked a castle.

In the small park area, there were lights everywhere and I wanted to get really close so that I can take some pictures with them.

My favorite one was the Eiffel Tower. You know, like the one in Paris.

Look at how the light color changed every time I made a new pose. So awesome!

Then I saw a Reindeer! This one with the red bow was really cute.

Then I saw more Reindeers.

And I also saw Santa’s sleigh.

And the blue balls…. just fantastic.

I was just so happy with all these lights.

Then I saw my friend Tajhua from school. He was taking pictures as well. He was just as excited as I was. We ran up and down and had some more fun.

We drove around some more and I saw even more pretty lights. Check these ones out:

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and I would like to wish you all the best for the new year…..2021!.

Distributing Care Packages

After preparing the Care Packages, it was now time to give them out.

Our first stop was up a very, very steep hill. We said a prayer for the family and then gave them the care package. They were very thankful.

My sister and I were glad that we helped to make someone smile so we ran down the steep hill.

At the next stop, we prayed and gave the family a care package. I also saw the cutest puppy ever!

It greeted us and was running up and down so playfully.

It looked like it was smiling with me.

At the next stop, we got this amazing view of the ocean.

We walked between a pathway to get to the house to deliver the care package to another gentleman.

Then we went to another lady’s home. She said she knew my Great grand mother, my grand mother and even my Mommy! She was so nice. We prayed with her and gave her a pink care package.

The view here was really nice too.

We then met another man. He was blind, but he recognized the voices of the persons who were talking to him. He was still so happy, making jokes and smiling. We prayed with him too and gave him a care package.

Then the last care package was for a lady that I wanted to see again so badly. When we got to her home, we learnt that she was not there, she was in the hospital.

I was so sad about it, but we prayed for her right then and there.

I hope that she feels much better and that I get to see her again soon. My grandma says that she is 93 years old.

Care Packages

My church decided that we going to distribute care packages into the community. I really wanted to help out because I remember how much fun it was to surprise someone else with a Blessings Box.

There were so many items being organized to be packed into bags to give out. The bags were green and pink. This is my grandma holding a pink bag. Pink is one of my favorite colors!

My sister Keilah and her friend Shawne did some labelling.

They labelled the brown sugar,

the white sugar and the cornmeal.

There were other goodies there to be packed up too. Like vienna sausage and macaroni and cheese… Mmmmmm. I love macaroni and cheese.

Into the bag it went. Someone would be very happy!

We added some sweetness too. Jolly Rancher Candy and some mints. I was allowed to have one while I worked…. you know….. to give me some energy.

There was even dishwashing liquid, toilet paper and soap. The soap smelled so good.

I helped to pack these items in a separate bag from the food stuff.

Then my job was to make sure that each one of those bags had a special book in it.

The name of the book is “Hope in the Midst of Chaos”.

Here is a video of how we organized the bags for delivery. It was so much fun helping to prepare them.

Everyone helped out and soon the tables were empty and the bags were all packed.

Now the bags are ready to be given out.

Read about Distributing Care Packages.

Blessings Box

Have you ever done something nice for someone for no particular reason? Well, that’s what I decided to do.

In our Zoom Sabbath School meeting, Teacher Sharmen encouraged us to create a blessings box.

This is a box that you can fill with goodies and then give to someone for “no particular reason”.

I was so excited to start doing this assignment.

I collected an empty box, and covered it with wrapping paper to make it look extra special and pretty.

Then I thought of all the special things that I could put inside.

Maybe a card, or a book or some delicious candy?

I got busy on making the card first and then I collected all the other special things and put them in the blessings box too.

Then I closed up the box and put a special bow on it.

Now it was ready to be delivered.

I was so excited because this special person was going to be so surprised.

I put it carefully in the car.

We were finally there. I was so excited!

I walked quickly.

I hurried to my classroom and handed the blessings box to my Teacher. She read the label, then she looked up at me, shocked.

It was for her! It was for my teacher…..Teacher Rowmelda! She was so surprised and happy too!

I just wanted to say:

It felt great to do something nice for someone else….. for no particular reason.

The Magic Porridge Pot

The story of the Magic Porridge Pot was read to my class this week, during the “Reading across Montserrat” activity. Dr. Skerritt read for us.

I like the part when the little girls says, “Cook little pot”. She loves porridge and I do too. Check out the story below:

Coconut Water and Jelly

It was a bright, sunny day but I was feeling really, really hot! So I asked my Daddy, “Can I have some coconut water please?” He said, “Okay, no problem”.

I asked Daddy how he was going to get way up there in the coconut tree. He said, “Watch and see!”

Daddy got a ladder and began to climb the coconut tree. He was still a bit short, so he got a steel hook too so that he can reach the coconuts. Look at my Daddy!

He is way up in the tree. He is not scared of heights. He is brave and strong, like Merida in the movie.

I was so thirsty. I kept telling Daddy to hurry. “Hurry Daddy, hurry!”, I said.

When Daddy got all the coconuts down, he used a cutlass and opened the coconut with just a few chops like this:

Daddy gave me a coconut to drink from. It was so heavy! I used a straw to suck the water up while Daddy held it. I drank and drank. It felt like my tummy was going to pop! The coconut water was sweet and refreshing. Ahhhh!

Then my Daddy chopped it in two with one big chop!

There was jelly inside. I was so happy to get the jelly. Look at me eat my coconut jelly. I used a spoon at first, but it was so much easier with my hands. I dug all the way in!

Yum, yum……


Then it was all done!

I really wanted another coconut!

The second one was even more delicious than the first one.

Daddy cut open more coconuts and poured the water into bottles. He put the bottles on the fridge to get cold so that I can have more coconut water during the week.

The Pink Walk

Can you believe it? There was actually a pink walk. A PINK WALK! Pink is one of my favorite colors of all time. Pink and purple, but I really do love pink!

Some people wore blue, some people wore green and some even wore black, but lots and lots of people were dressed in pink. So pretty!

Here you can see me, my sister and her friend, Molly. We started at Lookout and we were heading to Little Bay.

We set off walking.

We turned the corner……..

and walked up the hill. Whew!

We walked past the hospital and I waved to a friendly Nurse who I remembered from when she visited my school.

We walked down past the road which goes to the airport. I usually say “Tunnel” when we drive that way.

My legs started to get tired, but my sister kept me going. Then my legs got really, really tired again, but luckily my Daddy was close by so I joined him in the car because I really could not walk anymore.

My sister and her friend continued to walk. When they passed Carr’s Bay there was some music playing.

When we got to Little Bay, we learnt that even Daddies need to go to the doctor for a check-up. They need to check for Breast cancer too, but I think I will call it chest cancer, because men have chests!

I also learnt that if you eat too much ice-cream, you can get really crazy, but I really had to have some strawberry ice-cream because it was PINK!

Shorebird Watching

I heard on the radio that when it begins to get cold in North America that some birds come to Montserrat. I really wanted to see these birds that visited us! We signed up for a shorebird watching activity.

It was being organized early in the morning and I did not want to miss it. I told Mommy to set the alarm! I woke up very, very early at 5:30am. I invited my cousin, Nikho to come along with me because I remember how much fun I had the last time with the turtles and I wanted him to have some fun too! I told him to wake up early too!

We got to the presentation right on time and I guess who was there? Mr. Scriber! I was so glad to see him again. He told me all about turtles and now he was going to tell me about shorebirds! He is so smart!

I also met another lady. Her name is Ajhermae. She knows so much about these shorebirds too!

Mr. Scriber and Ajhermae showed us some pictures of the birds that visit Montserrat during the migratory season and how to identify them. Like looking at their size and their colour and the shape and length of their beak. They also showed us how to use the binoculars.

A very big bus came to take us to our first stop. It was so exciting to get on the bus. I hopped up all on my own!

Nikho and I chose our favourite seats and we were ready to go!

Our first stop was Maguerita Bay.

It was like an obstacle course to get to the beach. We went down a long narrow path, jumped over some muddy puddles, crossed some wooden bridges and slid on some tiny rocks.

Finally we got there!

It was beautiful.

We walked over to an area that had some water, like a little pond. And we saw our first bird. It was so tiny. I had to use my binoculars to see it.

Here it is……

Can you see it? Okay, Okay let me zoom in. It is soooo small, but soooo cute!

I used my ID cards to help me see what kind of birds they are.

I saw another bird called the Frigate bird. We only saw the female ones. Here is a video of them flying over our heads and swooping down. They glide and also fly!

I found that one quickly on my ID card too! It said, “The Magnificent Frigatebird”.

I saw something sad too. There was a dead bird in the sand. This made me very unhappy.

I asked Mr. Scriber, “Why the bird is dead?” He said, ” Other birds like the Killie Hawk preys on birds like those and kills them and eats them”.

I learnt so much about why it was important to protect the birds.

It was time to get to our next stop, so we headed out of Maguerita Bay.

Our next stop was Carr’s Bay. I was shocked, because I always visited the yellow van to get fries, but never took notice of the birdies right there on the other side!

These ones really caught my attention.

My ID card calls them the “Least Sandpiper” and the “Semipalmated Sandpiper”. They are so cute!

I also saw another one that had a red colour at the top of its head. It is called the “Common Gallinule”.

Here is a beautiful picture of it.

Then we crossed to the other side of the road. We saw some more beautiful birds over there.

I saw a blue Heron! Here is a picture of it.

Here is a picture of it on my ID Card. It says, “Little Blue Heron”.

Then we looked through the telescope and looked at birds which were in the ocean resting on something like a tank.

Look through the telescope with me. I counted 5 Royal Terns and 2 Brown Boobies.

There was also a Snowy Egret. Do you see it?

See if you can find it on the ID Card.

I really had a good day looking at these shorebirds! Thank you Mr. Scriber and Miss Ajhermae.

Miss Ajhermae was really nice to us . She gave us some stickers and a really nice bracelet! I think I am now a Bird Buddy! I love birds!

Miss Ajhermae gave us some bird tattoos and I couldn’t wait to get mine on! It says, “Conserve Migratory Birds”.

Here is a picture of them on our hands! So pretty. Hope it stays on forerver!