A Visit to the Dentist

My Mommy and Daddy said that it was time for another visit to the dentist. The last time we went was before the COVID-19 pandemic, so this time we had to obey different rules. I had to wear a mask!

The dentist was wearing a mask too and also a shield over her face and eyes.

She invited me to sit in the chair. It was fun when she pumped it up a little higher.

The dentist then put a bib on me. It was a turtle bib and you guys know how much I love turtles! I was so happy with my bib.

The dentist told me to scoot up a bit on the chair so that my head was on the headrest. Then she inspected my teeth with a bright light. She was so happy to see that I had two new teeth. Two of my baby teeth were gone! She said that I was becoming a big girl.

The dentist then started cleaning my teeth with a tool that looks like a pick. She cleaned my teeth in the front, the sides and the back.

Then she got the electric toothbrush and started brushing my teeth. I asked her to “be gentle”. Here is a video:

And just like that I was done! The dentist said that I was a really good patient, so she gave me a sticker that says “star patient” and she also gave me a star ring!

My visit to the dentist was good. I am not scared of the dentist. She helps take care of my teeth! Here is a picture of my gifts from the dentist:


This is one of my favourite books: Jumblebum

It is a story about a little boy named Johnny McNess who kept his room very very messy.

His room was so messy that his mommy had to hold her nose when she entered.

Johnny did not think anything was wrong. He said it was his own special style.

Later that night when, Johnny fell asleep something began to stir on the floor. That something was smelly and big. It was the JUMBLEBUM BEAST!!!!

The Jumblebum beast wanted to snack on Johnny’s nose, but Johnny was too fast….. he dashed for the door and down the stairs.

As the creature leaped forward Johnny stepped to one side! “Right in the spot where he’d only just been, was the thing that would save him” – THE WASHING MACHINE

Since that day Johnny’s bedroom was lovely and neat.

Some nights my sister reads this story to me and we put our matching dolls on the bed with the book.

I keep my room clean because I don’t want the JumbleBum Beast to visit me ever!

Sunday! Funday!

When Sunday rolls around, I usually say to my Mommy and Daddy, “It’s Sunday, Funday!”

What I look forward to most is going to swimming practice. My favourite skill to practice is the starfish!

It goes like this – I lay on my back with my chin to the sky and put my legs and hands out like a star. Then relax!

Sometimes I flip over on my belly too, with my face down in the water and make a star too! I just need to remember to blow my bubbles.

Turtle Watching

I was too excited to sleep. My family and I were going turtle watching.

We went late in the night when it was very dark. We walked along the beach checking to see if any turtles had come ashore. We were lucky! We found one. This one was a Hawksbill turtle.

It was so exciting to see when the turtle began digging a hole to lay its eggs. I had to be very quiet and sit very still.

Check out the turtle action in the video below. She is scooping up the sand one flipper at a time to create a hole. Really cool.

Unfortunately, the turtle went back to the sea without laying its eggs.

One day soon, I will see a turtle lay its eggs.

Graduation Day

The COVID-19 pandemic stopped us from having a normal graduation celebration, but I completed pre-school and here is my certificate to prove it! I am so happy to be moving on to Primary School.

My sister graduated too! She will be going to Secondary School soon. Hip Hip Hooray! Yay!

My sister Keilah loves me and I love her back!

Frozen Fan

On my 5th birthday, I had a zoom party. I was dressed as my favorite character, Elsa, from the movie Frozen.

Then I got the biggest birthday surprise of my life, a FROZEN II DVD. I was so excited. I wanted this for a long long long long time!

I have been having loads of fun with this new movie.

Check out my videos of some of my favorite sections of the movie. Below I am singing with Olaf.

In this one below, I perform Elsa’s part.

I also still love dressing up in my birthday costume whenever I watch this DVD.

I hope you enjoy watching FROZEN II as much as I do.

Get Well Soon

We had another story from the Bible this week. We learnt about the widow’s son, who felt sick, got worse and later died. The widow cried and cried.

Thankfully Elijah, the man of God was there. He prayed three times and the boy came back to life!

My memory verse tells us that:

The Lord cares for those who trust in him.

Nahum 1:7

On my zoom meeting, Teacher Sharmen asked us to make “Get Well Soon” cards. Here are some pictures of how I made mine.

I think a little glitter makes everything better!

Re-using Tires for My Backyard Garden

I helped my Daddy re-use some old tires to make them into a container for planting veggies in my backyard.

I begged Daddy to let me paint the tires pink. Pink is my favourite color!

I really had fun painting the tires. Check out my dancing video while I was working:

A few days later when the paint was all dry, I helped Daddy get the soil with the wheel barrow.

The tires are now ready for our new seeds and seedlings. I can’t wait to see how they grow!

I also decided to measure the tires. I got Daddy’s measuring tape to check the size of the tires!