Digraphs and Trigraphs

Do you know your digraphs and trigraphs? In Grade K, I learnt all about digraphs and trigraphs. I really enjoyed learning all about them.

These are the digraphs that I learnt so far in Grade K:

ch, sh, ng, th, qu, ck, nk, ee, ai, oa, oi, ow, ar, ur, or, er, tt, ea, mm, ay, ph, ff, pp, ir, bb, ck, ll, oy, aw, wh, ew, oo, oo.

The “oo” has different sounds, that’s why I put another **oo**.

Here are some pictures to show you what I mean. This is the ch digraph.

Digraphs can be found at the beginning, middle or the ending of words. Look at this “th” digraph. Do you see what I mean?

Here are some words with some of the other digraphs:

These are the trigraphs I have learnt so far in Grade K:

igh, ure, ear, ire, air.

Here are some words with these trigraphs.

I looked through my book to make sure that I didn’t miss any digraphs and trigraphs. I look forward to learning some more in Grade 1.

7 thoughts on “Digraphs and Trigraphs

  1. Cheryl

    Great work Kiki. Your teacher should be proud of you right now. I know that your Mommy is very proud and I am very proud too.
    Continue to pay attention in class so that you can teach me some more exciting things.
    May God continue to bless you. Your grandma loves you a lot.

  2. Tr. Rowmelda

    I’m a very proud teacher!!! Kearah is always the first to exclaim “NEW LETTER SOUNDS, HOORAY”!!!!! Along with her classmates. It was such a pleasure to hear you read, you really brought the story alive today. I can see that you really enjoy reading! KEEEEEEEEEEEP READING. 🙂

  3. Maria Gregoriadou

    Hello there Kiki!
    Whatever it is that we learn 📗🖊️, when this is accompanied by pictures is even more amazing!
    Can you provide examples with the different sounds of “oo”?
    Thank you! Keep up the good work! 🥇
    Take care,
    Maria 🇨🇾

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