Feeding Hummingbirds

I love when it is time to refill our bird feeder.

My mom prepares a special liquid for the birds. She mixes some sugar with water and then boils it on the stove for a short while. When it cools, we take it outside and pour it into the bird feeder, filling it all the way up!

My Daddy said that we need to close the bird feeder tightly afterwards. He is so strong!

As soon as my Daddy turned over the bird feeder, the hummingbirds were there, ready to drink. The really liked the food!

The hummingbird that came, is called a “Purple-throated Carib”. Guess who told me that? Yes, Scriber!

See its purple throat in the picture below? It uses its beak and long tongue to get the sweet water.

Then we put the bird feeder up in the tree, so that the birds can drink whenever they need to get energy.

The birds drank and drank and drank. Look! The sweet water is almost finished!

One of the birds kept running the others away from the feeder!

Then they got into a fight! Look at them fighting! I don’t like fighting!

So I called out to them. I said “Hummy! Hummy!”.

They came close by and stayed for a little while.

Look at these amazing pictures that we got! The feathers are soooo pretty and colourful!

Did you know that Hummingbirds are the only birds that can fly up, down, sideways, forwards, and, backwards! That’s because they make a “Figure 8” pattern when they fly!

Check out these amazing facts:

I hope the hummingbirds keep visiting our feeder!

8 thoughts on “Feeding Hummingbirds

  1. Racquel Assaye

    Looks like a great nature and family activity .. the birds are beautiful .. the work of the Master’s hands

  2. Miranda

    Wow ???. It’s really amazing that they would start feeding before the feeder was hung. How many came to your feeder and how long did it take them to finish the fluid?

  3. Maria Gregoriadou

    I love the photos and videos because they are so colourful and bright! The bird feeder is lovely ⛲. It’s great that you care about these little creatures ?. And thanks for the info regarding the “figure 8” pattern ?.

    Maria ??

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