Coconut Water and Jelly

It was a bright, sunny day but I was feeling really, really hot! So I asked my Daddy, “Can I have some coconut water please?” He said, “Okay, no problem”.

I asked Daddy how he was going to get way up there in the coconut tree. He said, “Watch and see!”

Daddy got a ladder and began to climb the coconut tree. He was still a bit short, so he got a steel hook too so that he can reach the coconuts. Look at my Daddy!

He is way up in the tree. He is not scared of heights. He is brave and strong, like Merida in the movie.

I was so thirsty. I kept telling Daddy to hurry. “Hurry Daddy, hurry!”, I said.

When Daddy got all the coconuts down, he used a cutlass and opened the coconut with just a few chops like this:

Daddy gave me a coconut to drink from. It was so heavy! I used a straw to suck the water up while Daddy held it. I drank and drank. It felt like my tummy was going to pop! The coconut water was sweet and refreshing. Ahhhh!

Then my Daddy chopped it in two with one big chop!

There was jelly inside. I was so happy to get the jelly. Look at me eat my coconut jelly. I used a spoon at first, but it was so much easier with my hands. I dug all the way in!

Yum, yum……


Then it was all done!

I really wanted another coconut!

The second one was even more delicious than the first one.

Daddy cut open more coconuts and poured the water into bottles. He put the bottles on the fridge to get cold so that I can have more coconut water during the week.

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  1. Amanda

    Oh I miss Montserrat ?? I would be beside you Kearah saying hurry please I would like one too! ?. Keep writing
    From Amanda in a cold wet UK

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