Author: kearahryan

Meeting Coryn

One day, I was searching on the website for more books in my favourite book series called “Diary of a Wimpy Kid”. I really like these books and I read them whenever I get a chance. Here I am reading one them when I was in London. It was raining cats and dogs outside, […]

My Road Race

The 8th of April was my Road Race. I represented Blue House/ Blue macaws. Before the race, I had to warm up. We did stretches, by putting our knees up, and then we stretched our legs backwards. After that, I walked to the Public Market Building with my partner Faith. The small boys went on […]

I Will Go: Giving Care Packages

My Grandma told my sister that she needed some help. So I jumped in and asked, “Help with what, Grandma?” She said, “unpacking some barrels, to prepare care packages”. So I asked, “At what time Grandma?”. Grandma said, “4:30pm”. I said, “I will be there at 4:30pm, Grandma!” I remembered Mrs. Kay Dorsette-Hector telling us […]