Re-using Tires for My Backyard Garden

I helped my Daddy re-use some old tires to make them into a container for planting veggies in my backyard.

I begged Daddy to let me paint the tires pink. Pink is my favourite color!

I really had fun painting the tires. Check out my dancing video while I was working:

A few days later when the paint was all dry, I helped Daddy get the soil with the wheel barrow.

The tires are now ready for our new seeds and seedlings. I can’t wait to see how they grow!

I also decided to measure the tires. I got Daddy’s measuring tape to check the size of the tires!

4 thoughts on “Re-using Tires for My Backyard Garden

  1. Maria Gregoriadou

    Recycling!!! ♻️
    Planting!!! πŸ…πŸŒ±
    Having fun!!! 🀸🀹
    Who can say “no” to that?!!
    Great job Kearah!!! πŸ‘


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