An Easter Sunday Hike

On Easter Sunday I went on a hike.

There was some slippery places to cross so David hoisted me up for the walk. There was also a steep hill, and David ran all the way up the hill with me. Thank you David!

Here is a song we sang along the way:

I changed it up a bit and said Uncle Shark, Auntie Shark and Sister Shark, but I forgot to sing cousin shark and baby cousin shark.

Then I started whistling this song and some people started singing : Don’t worry, be happy!

I saw termites along the way! They ate the tree until it died. I saw a hummingbird too! It’s throat was bluish greenish.

I thought I saw a mountain chicken but it turned out to be a “Cane Toad”. Can you see it? It looks a bit camouflaged.

I like walking through the trees. It was really nice.

After walking for a while, Mommy gave me some water and a little piece of candy to get energy. Can you see the candy in my mouth?

I really did get some energy. Check out my short walking video.

At the end of the hike my feet were so tired and I was sleepy too, but I really had a good time.

5 thoughts on “An Easter Sunday Hike

  1. Hazel Riley

    Wonderful Kearah! I am happy that you had so much fun. I wish I could have gone on the hike too. I love hikes, but I can no longer do them like I used to.

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