This is one of my favourite books: Jumblebum

It is a story about a little boy named Johnny McNess who kept his room very very messy.

His room was so messy that his mommy had to hold her nose when she entered.

Johnny did not think anything was wrong. He said it was his own special style.

Later that night when, Johnny fell asleep something began to stir on the floor. That something was smelly and big. It was the JUMBLEBUM BEAST!!!!

The Jumblebum beast wanted to snack on Johnny’s nose, but Johnny was too fast….. he dashed for the door and down the stairs.

As the creature leaped forward Johnny stepped to one side! “Right in the spot where he’d only just been, was the thing that would save him” – THE WASHING MACHINE

Since that day Johnny’s bedroom was lovely and neat.

Some nights my sister reads this story to me and we put our matching dolls on the bed with the book.

I keep my room clean because I don’t want the JumbleBum Beast to visit me ever!

9 thoughts on “Jumblebum

  1. Maria Gregoriadou

    Hi Kiki!!! Cool story! ?
    You know, here in Cyprus we have this saying: Η καθαριότητα είναι μισή αρχοντιά meaning that CLEANLINESS IS NEXT TO GODLINESS!!! Keep that in mind!!! ??️

  2. Racquel

    Kiki you can definitely come over by Auntie Racquel – I don’t want to have the Jumblebum beast over here so I keep things in order myself!?

  3. Miranda

    Aaah ?. Wonderful story. I keep my room clean too. Great book. You are an exceptional helper to mom and dad keeping your room clean…FANTASTIC !! I can’t wait for your next book.

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