My (not so new)Cat

Are you cat lover? Cause’ I am! If you read the title you know exactly what I’m gonna say…

So since I was four or five-ish, I was begging for a cat. If you’re a child you will understand what I’m gonna say right now: If you ask for something there might be a 10% chance you will get it and the rest of the percentage (which is 90%) is something you will never get.

Before I say how I got my cat, I’d like you to know that her name is Kassie, okay.

On a niceeee day, my gran-aunt-in-law had 3 cats. She actually had 5 but she gave 2 to a person. My mom was at her house and my dad was with me, so my mom messaged my dad and my mom said in text “______ asked if Kiki wanted one of the cats?” and I replied to the text “YESS MOMMY, I REALLY REALLY REALLY WANT ONE! THEY ARE SO CUTEEEE!!” Here is the picture that my mom sent my Dad:

I wanted the orange one, but when we put it in the box it was fiesty but my sis said that she wanted the black one but I didn’t, so we chose this one:

When we brought her home she explored for a while and after that she cuddled on me. Here is a picture of what happened.

On Road Race Day, me and Kassie took pictures and on the 1st one she looks like she is being held hostage! I didn’t mean for that to happen… hehehe. Anyway here are the pictures:

She surprised me one day when I walked outside because I saw her climbing a tree. In the afternoon, I got to snap a picture of her:

LOOK AT HER SKILLS, IN THIS VIDEO!! WOW! At the end I clapped for her. Good job Kassie.

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  1. Miranda

    Wow, love it. I had a cat too when I was little. They can be so much fun but you have to be her mom as well and take very good care of her as your parents do with you.

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