No longer a “Shrimp”.

I am not a “Shrimp” anymore! I am now an……. “EEL!”

I am so excited that I moved up. I get to practice my kicks and move around the pool even more.

On my first day as an “Eel”, I practiced my kicks with my face down. I had to grab the wall, keep my head in the water, while blowing my bubbles and kick, kick, kick. That was some hard work!

Then I practiced my rocket ship. You know I love the rocket ship right?

Then it was time for the doggy-paddle. This one I get to keep my face out of the water, and make my hands into doggy paws and pretend to scoop ice-cream!

Then I practiced my doggy-paddle with a noodle.

That’s me in the noodle, swimming in the deeper part of the pool. That was so exciting.

Then I climbed out at the deep end, and jumped back in.. with the noodle.

Look at the splash I made!

Then we doggy-paddled back to the shallow end.

Teacher Emmy threw some toys in the water for us to dive and find. I went way under and found a blue ring. Now you see me, now you don’t.

Being an “Eel” is so much fun!

4 thoughts on “No longer a “Shrimp”.

  1. Miranda

    Yeah ??????. You have accomplished soooooo much. Your family am sure is very proud of you…i am…you’ll be a dolphin soon I think ?. Who knows, maybe you might one day make it to the Olympics ?.
    Well done ?????????. Never stop exploring and learning.

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