Tae Kwon Do

My parents said even before I was born, I went to Tae Kwon Do!

My Mommy explained that she would take my sister to Tae Kwon Do when I was in still in her tummy.

This picture was taken when my sister got her purple belt. She did really well in her exam. See how tiny I was! I touched her cute face!

As I grew older, my sister continued to practice and got better and better.

She moved up from purple belt, to red belt, to red belt strike 1, to red belt strike 2 and now she is in brown belt strike 1. She is a senior belt. Soon, she will try for the black belt.

I told my sister that I wanted to join Tae Kwon Do like her, but she always said, “When you get a little older”. Now, I am finally old enough to join Tae Kwon Do. My sister said that she will teach me, but I have to promise to listen to her. I promised.

My first day was great!

We had to do warm ups first. Look at me doing a plank. Can you do a plank?

Then I learnt how to do a punch.

Then I learnt a move called the “over head block”.

The overhead block is used to stop anyone from hitting you in your head. Here I am practicing my overhead block.

This is the “double arm block”.

I practiced some front kicks and side kicks too!

Then we did a move called the “chariot” and then we bowed at the end of our moves as a sign of respect to the instructor.

I can’t wait for the next session. I will continue to practice what I learnt!.

9 thoughts on “Tae Kwon Do

  1. Kirk Brade

    Lovely tribute and life story. Your journey has just begun. Let your will and ambition guide your path

  2. Jermaine Wade

    Absolutely love this!! She will be an excellent student with her eagerness. Well done Kearah and keep practicing ??

  3. Chivone Gerald

    “We are united in mutual friendship.” This is awesome, welcome to the Taekwondo journey. Practice, stay positive and disciplined, and be the best you can be.

  4. Maria Gregoriadou

    Hi Kiki! What a coincidence!!! I’ve been practicing the plank technique to strengthen my body for some days now!

    Waiting to hear about your first colour belt!!!?

    Maria ???

  5. Tr. Rowmelda

    Wow, this is a wonderful timeline, what a joy to see! I loved seeing the photo of you as a baby and the photo of you looking up into your big sisters eyes, obviously listening to everything that she says! The progress that your sister has made is an inspiration! I know that you have the will and that you WILL put your all into succeeding at this too, I look forward to seeing the photos in the future. Regarding doing a plank, yes I can hold one, but only for about 40 seconds, my side plank needs more work though! When we are back to school we should have mini-brain breaks from sitting at our desks and working to all doing a plank, I wonder who will last the longest???

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