The Pink Walk

Can you believe it? There was actually a pink walk. A PINK WALK! Pink is one of my favorite colors of all time. Pink and purple, but I really do love pink!

Some people wore blue, some people wore green and some even wore black, but lots and lots of people were dressed in pink. So pretty!

Here you can see me, my sister and her friend, Molly. We started at Lookout and we were heading to Little Bay.

We set off walking.

We turned the corner……..

and walked up the hill. Whew!

We walked past the hospital and I waved to a friendly Nurse who I remembered from when she visited my school.

We walked down past the road which goes to the airport. I usually say “Tunnel” when we drive that way.

My legs started to get tired, but my sister kept me going. Then my legs got really, really tired again, but luckily my Daddy was close by so I joined him in the car because I really could not walk anymore.

My sister and her friend continued to walk. When they passed Carr’s Bay there was some music playing.

When we got to Little Bay, we learnt that even Daddies need to go to the doctor for a check-up. They need to check for Breast cancer too, but I think I will call it chest cancer, because men have chests!

I also learnt that if you eat too much ice-cream, you can get really crazy, but I really had to have some strawberry ice-cream because it was PINK!

2 thoughts on “The Pink Walk

  1. Cheryl

    I am so glad you enjoyed your walk Kiki. Reading your blog, I felt I was there. Keep on writing. I am so proud of you.

    Did you say chest cancer? Hmmmm, interesting!!

  2. Miranda

    I really really enjoy reading your posts. I always feel so engaged…feels like I’m right there, not missing out on anything at all. Yes, boys and men do need to have chest checks too, that’s very important. Thank you again for sharing. PS: I love strawberry ice-cream too ??.

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