The Red Moon

Did you see the red moon on May 15, 2022? It is called a Lunar Eclipse and I stayed up all night just to see it.

I was so excited when Mommy told me that the moon was going to turn red. I told Mommy I was not going to sleep. I said that I would stay up until 1am.

We went outside at 9:30pm to check on the moon. It was so big and shiny.

Sometimes it got cloudy and the moon disappeared behind the clouds.

Around 10:30pm, It started to happen. I could see that there was a shadow on the moon.

I was so excited. Mommy said that the shadow would keep moving across the moon until it became red. She said it may not turn red until about 11:30pm. I did not want to fall asleep and miss it.

I decided to get comfortable. I got my blanket and my tablet because it was going to be a long night.

I played the song “Talking to the Moon” from My Favorite Songs list

Here is the first picture I created about the lunar eclipse on my tablet.

After another hour, it started to happen! The moon was turning reddish orange. I saw it. It was so cool.

I drew this picture on my tablet when I saw it.

This is what the red moon looked like in the sky.

I am happy that I got to see it. It looked really beautiful.

I finally fell asleep at 12:15am.

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