Blessings Box

Have you ever done something nice for someone for no particular reason? Well, that’s what I decided to do.

In our Zoom Sabbath School meeting, Teacher Sharmen encouraged us to create a blessings box.

This is a box that you can fill with goodies and then give to someone for “no particular reason”.

I was so excited to start doing this assignment.

I collected an empty box, and covered it with wrapping paper to make it look extra special and pretty.

Then I thought of all the special things that I could put inside.

Maybe a card, or a book or some delicious candy?

I got busy on making the card first and then I collected all the other special things and put them in the blessings box too.

Then I closed up the box and put a special bow on it.

Now it was ready to be delivered.

I was so excited because this special person was going to be so surprised.

I put it carefully in the car.

We were finally there. I was so excited!

I walked quickly.

I hurried to my classroom and handed the blessings box to my Teacher. She read the label, then she looked up at me, shocked.

It was for her! It was for my teacher…..Teacher Rowmelda! She was so surprised and happy too!

I just wanted to say:

It felt great to do something nice for someone else….. for no particular reason.

8 thoughts on “Blessings Box

  1. Sharmen

    Awww. Sweet. Kiki you are truly a blessing. Continue to be the blessing God created you to be. Love you loads.

  2. Hazel D. Riley

    Wonderful!! Kearah has a big heart. Continue to be a blessing, Kiki.

    Lavern and Kenaud thank you for your part in training Kearah and facilitating her desires.

    Thank you Teacher Shermen Williams for the good work you are doing with the children.

    1. Maria Gregoriadou

      Hi Kiki!
      I loved your blessings box! And you look pretty as always!
      It is a fact that most people give presents just because they have to or because they expect something in return. The truth is, though, that giving a present ? from the heart ❤️ to someone is much more satisfying and much more important than receiving one!
      ?Merry Christmas⛄ to you and your family!

  3. Amanda Gregory

    Kearah, you are so kind and generous. I love reading your blogs and makes me feel closer to Montserrat, and you and your family. ? blessing to you

  4. Tr. Rowmelda

    Your thoughtfulness is a gift I will always treasure Kearah. THANK YOU for my Blessing Box of goodies! (You know that I couldn’t wait until Christmas day to open it!?)
    The box itself and it’s contents are super special! I’ll definitely be using the box at school for something in the future.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!!

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