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My Road Race

The 8th of April was my Road Race. I represented Blue House/ Blue macaws. Before the race, I had to warm up. We did stretches, by putting our knees up, and then we stretched our legs backwards. After that, I walked to the Public Market Building with my partner Faith. The small boys went on […]

The Art Room

I was so amazed! When I entered my sister’s classroom, everything caught my attention. I moved from picture to picture. Everything looked fantastic. My sister said that this was her Art classroom. She introduced me to her teacher. His name is Mr. Tabu. Mr. Tabu is so talented. He was colouring a picture of some […]

Blessings Box

Have you ever done something nice for someone for no particular reason? Well, that’s what I decided to do. In our Zoom Sabbath School meeting, Teacher Sharmen encouraged us to create a blessings box. This is a box that you can fill with goodies and then give to someone for “no particular reason”. I was […]

The Magic Porridge Pot

The story of the Magic Porridge Pot was read to my class this week, during the “Reading across Montserrat” activity. Dr. Skerritt read for us. I like the part when the little girls says, “Cook little pot”. She loves porridge and I do too. Check out the story below: