My Road Race

The 8th of April was my Road Race.

I represented Blue House/ Blue macaws.

Before the race, I had to warm up. We did stretches, by putting our knees up, and then we stretched our legs backwards.

After that, I walked to the Public Market Building with my partner Faith.

The small boys went on the line first to run. After the race of the small boys, then the small girls went second. I was in that group with the small girls.

Coach told us, “Put your foot behind the line and look in front of you!” He also said, “Don’t look back at me to see me blow the whistle”.

Then I heard the sound of the whisltle and I took off, up the hill in speed.

My friend Kyoka was a frienemy on that day because she was in green house. She was catching up to me but then my brain said, “No, no , I am not letting this get tied up”. So I ran even faster.

At the top of the hill, I was panting and was very thirsty, but then I heard my Daddy say, “Run Kiki run”.

Here is a video to show proof.

I ran as fast as I could and guess what? I came first.

I went over to the scorers and they asked me for my name. Daddy said “Kearah Ryan”. He was so proud of me.

When I got back to school my Teacher said that I got big points for blue house. I was so happy to place first in the Road Race. Yay!