Green Turtle Laying Eggs

I have been waiting for this moment forever! I finally got to see a green turtle laying her eggs.

Mommy told me that it would be best if I had a nap, because we were going to go turtle watching again. I really wanted to see where the hatchlings came from, so this time I rested and rested. When I woke up, I was ready for the adventure!

Mr. Scriber was our guide for the night. He is so kind. He really wanted me to see the turtles laying.

First, we went to Isles Bay, but there were no turtles there. Then we went to Old Road Bay, but there were no turtles there. Next, we went to Woodlands Beach, but there were no turtles there either! I was getting so tired.

Then we went to another beach called Bunkum Bay (sounds like Bum Bum Bay), and guess what… there it was….. a green turtle!

I was so excited. Mr. Scriber, told us to sit really still in the the dark until the turtle finished digging its hole. We waited patiently! I sat on a blanket and waited and waited. I was getting so sleepy, but then Daddy said, “Come Kearah!” I jumped up so fast!

Wow! What I saw was so amazing. The turtle was dropping her eggs, one by one. I began counting….. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20…..

The turtle dropped so many eggs that I even lost count. There were probably around 60 eggs there.

Scriber said that the turtle was in a trance. It was not bothered that we were there. We kept the light at her back and she was just focused on laying her eggs. When I looked closely, I even noticed that she had water coming down her eyes. It was like she was crying! Maybe they were tears of joy, because she laid her eggs and her hatchlings will soon come out of their shells.

When she was finished laying, she covered up her eggs with the sand so quickly using her back flippers. Scriber said that she “compacted” them.

I got a chance to touch her too! The shell was hard. It felt a little bit like the hatchlings.

My sister touched the turtle too! We really had a good time.

I gave the turtle a nickname. I called her Kusha, because she laid her eggs under a “Kusha” tree and I got a little bit of the kusha tree in my hair too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When Kusha was finished, she made her way back down to the water. I got to say one last bye bye to her and touched her back one more time. Then she disappeared quickly into the ocean.

Until next time, Kusha!

-The End-

19 thoughts on “Green Turtle Laying Eggs

  1. Sharmen

    Awww Kiki it was so awesome. Keep enjoying God’s wonderful creation and sharing your experiences. Sweet


    Turtles are my favorite!! This is amazing Kiki. Thanks for sharing your amazing adventure ?

  3. Riley

    Wonderful. I am glad that you got to see a turtle lay Kiki. I can feel your excitement. I too love to go turtle watching.

  4. Tr. Rowmelda

    How special!!! What an unforgettable experience. I am so pleased that you got to share that moment. Your description of Kusha the turtle had me captivated especially when you said that Kusha was maybe crying for joy … BEAUTIFUL… I am in awe of your mission to find out more about the turtles since they visited us at school. I can’t wait to experience an event like this soon!

  5. Amanda

    What an amazing experience Kearah. You are so lucky to have such beautiful animals on your island. I hope you treasure your experiences and keep sharing with us. ? ?

  6. Eulalie Daley-Semper

    Such a beautiful experience Kearah. Thank you Mr. Scriber for making her experience possible. This is a moment that she will always remember.

  7. Jadine Greenaway

    Absolutely well done! Thank you for sharing your story of Kusha with us Kearah. Until next time ?

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  9. Miranda

    So so brave, you touching Kusha and you were all dolled up for the occasion too. Thanks for sharing videos of Kusha’s story. Keep on exploring and experiencing Kiki. ??

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