Yea Baby! Hatchlings!

Teacher Yvonne said that she has a surprise for us. I did not know what it was. I thought it was a toy, like a lego or something like that, but can you guess what it was?

Okay! Okay! What do you call a baby turtle? A hatchling!

Mr. Jeffers brought the hatchlings to my class in a blue box. They were so cute!

I put up my hand and I said to Mr. Jeffers that I went turtle watching. He asked, “Woodlands Beach?” and I said, “Yes!”.

He then gave me a hatchling to hold. It was awesome!

Photo Credit: Facebook @Brades Primary School

The hatchling felt like it was vibrating in my hand. It was soooo ticklish. I was so happy I got to hold one. I held it ever so gently.

There was also a rare one in the bunch. It was white. I really wanted to hold that one too! This is how it looked. Very RARE!

Mr. Jeffers said that he would release them back in the ocean soon and when they are ready to lay their eggs, they will come back to Montserrat!

I wanted to tell Teacher Yvonne that I want Mr. Jeffers to come back to our class and also go to all the other classes, one by one, because they would like to hold the hatchlings too!

I will ask Mommy, Daddy and Sissy if I can have a turtle as a pet.

14 thoughts on “Yea Baby! Hatchlings!

  1. Maria Gregoriadou

    Hi Kiki!

    Hatchlings!! That’s a new word for me so thanks for sharing.
    I would like to focus on the white hatchling. I hope the other turtles “treat” it right and don’t reject it just because it’s a bit different. Humans do that unfortunately. Not all of them but a large number of them.

    Kisses girlie!!

  2. Laurian Brand

    Well done Kearah! I enjoyed reading about your experience with the hatchlings and I think you are right, other children would love the experience also.

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