Turtle Watching

I was too excited to sleep. My family and I were going turtle watching.

We went late in the night when it was very dark. We walked along the beach checking to see if any turtles had come ashore. We were lucky! We found one. This one was a Hawksbill turtle.

It was so exciting to see when the turtle began digging a hole to lay its eggs. I had to be very quiet and sit very still.

Check out the turtle action in the video below. She is scooping up the sand one flipper at a time to create a hole. Really cool.

Unfortunately, the turtle went back to the sea without laying its eggs.

One day soon, I will see a turtle lay its eggs.

9 thoughts on “Turtle Watching

  1. Maria Gregoriadou

    Hi my little adorable Kiki!!!
    Why didn’t the turtle ? lay its eggs??? Hmm, she might have felt you were watching her!!!
    “Some privacy please!!!” Hahaha

    Your Auntie Maria ❤️

  2. Tara Pelembe

    Brilliant account of an amazing experience. Thanks for sharing Kearah. Your blog posts are amazing. Keep on writing…

  3. Auntie Racquel

    I am guessing someone had a different bedtime schedule for this night activity! It is okay to change the script for amazing things and nature at its best is one of those amazing things – better luck with the turtle next time Kiki!

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