I Will Go: Giving Care Packages

My Grandma told my sister that she needed some help. So I jumped in and asked, “Help with what, Grandma?” She said, “unpacking some barrels, to prepare care packages”. So I asked, “At what time Grandma?”. Grandma said, “4:30pm”. I said, “I will be there at 4:30pm, Grandma!”

I remembered Mrs. Kay Dorsette-Hector telling us at the end of our March of Witness on Pathfinder Congressoree Day, that we should not be afraid to go out in the community and share with others.

Our theme was “I will go”, so that’s why I told Grandma, “I will go!”

I also remembered the last time when we packed care packages and distributed them. So I knew that this time is would be just as exciting.

I helped unpack the barrels at church. I stood on a chair, so that I can reach way down into the barrel. Then when it was almost empty, and the adults couldn’t reach in anymore, they laid the barrel down on the floor. I crawled in and got the rest of the stuff out. Sometimes it is so good to be little!

So many things came out of the barrels.

There were cranberries, raisins, walnuts, pecans, cherries and plums. There were spaghetti sauce, pasta, vegetable oil, sardines and peanut butter.

There was even some big bags of oats, rice and brown sugar. We put them all into smaller bags.

I had fun writing the label for the pumpkin seeds! I took my time and spelt P-U-M-P-K-I-N S-E-E-D-S.

After all that writing, I had to get a bit of brown sugar to build back up my energy! I promise I did not go coo-coo!

Soon the bags were all packed and ready for giving out. The bags were really pretty.

On Sabbath Afternoon, November 6th, we dressed in our Adventurer and Pathfinder field uniforms.

This is my cousin Kiki. My nick name is Kiki and her nickname is Kiki too. So cool right?

We assembled at church to organize into groups to give out bags to people in the communities around Montserrat.

I was in a group with my friend Davaun. We went to Davy Hill and Shinnlands. We sang and prayed with the families.

Davaun and I saw the cutest dog,

And puppy too! The owner let us pet the puppy a bit.

It was really great to see people happy!

6 thoughts on “I Will Go: Giving Care Packages

  1. Hazel Riley

    Wonderful Kiki. I am happy that you were happy. I am sure Grandma was happy too, and best if all Jesus is happy.

  2. Cheryl

    Well done Kiki. You were really very helpful and I am glad you had fun doing it. You are quite a helping hand.
    Keep on doing things for Jesus. This will make you happy and make Jesus happy as well.

  3. Racquel Assaye

    Kiki God loves helping hands. Even little ones like yours, these experiences are the hallmark of your life as an Adventurer and a child of the king – always be ready “to go” for Him.

  4. Miranda

    Kiki-number one,
    Wow you have a cousin whose name is Kiki as well, wow ?. That can get confusing with the two of you in the same room ?. I see that God and your grandma will bless those little hands of yours for doing whatever you can, however you can to be “helpful “, which is a great thing. Don’t stop loving to help others.

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