Distributing Care Packages

After preparing the Care Packages, it was now time to give them out.

Our first stop was up a very, very steep hill. We said a prayer for the family and then gave them the care package. They were very thankful.

My sister and I were glad that we helped to make someone smile so we ran down the steep hill.

At the next stop, we prayed and gave the family a care package. I also saw the cutest puppy ever!

It greeted us and was running up and down so playfully.

It looked like it was smiling with me.

At the next stop, we got this amazing view of the ocean.

We walked between a pathway to get to the house to deliver the care package to another gentleman.

Then we went to another lady’s home. She said she knew my Great grand mother, my grand mother and even my Mommy! She was so nice. We prayed with her and gave her a pink care package.

The view here was really nice too.

We then met another man. He was blind, but he recognized the voices of the persons who were talking to him. He was still so happy, making jokes and smiling. We prayed with him too and gave him a care package.

Then the last care package was for a lady that I wanted to see again so badly. When we got to her home, we learnt that she was not there, she was in the hospital.

I was so sad about it, but we prayed for her right then and there.

I hope that she feels much better and that I get to see her again soon. My grandma says that she is 93 years old.

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