Care Packages

My church decided that we going to distribute care packages into the community. I really wanted to help out because I remember how much fun it was to surprise someone else with a Blessings Box.

There were so many items being organized to be packed into bags to give out. The bags were green and pink. This is my grandma holding a pink bag. Pink is one of my favorite colors!

My sister Keilah and her friend Shawne did some labelling.

They labelled the brown sugar,

the white sugar and the cornmeal.

There were other goodies there to be packed up too. Like vienna sausage and macaroni and cheese… Mmmmmm. I love macaroni and cheese.

Into the bag it went. Someone would be very happy!

We added some sweetness too. Jolly Rancher Candy and some mints. I was allowed to have one while I worked…. you know….. to give me some energy.

There was even dishwashing liquid, toilet paper and soap. The soap smelled so good.

I helped to pack these items in a separate bag from the food stuff.

Then my job was to make sure that each one of those bags had a special book in it.

The name of the book is “Hope in the Midst of Chaos”.

Here is a video of how we organized the bags for delivery. It was so much fun helping to prepare them.

Everyone helped out and soon the tables were empty and the bags were all packed.

Now the bags are ready to be given out.

Read about Distributing Care Packages.

6 thoughts on “Care Packages

  1. Maria Gregoriadou

    Contributing for a good cause really makes you a better person???. I’m sure that your efforts will bring a smile ? to many people’s faces and that’s what matters the most!
    I’m curious about that book ?though. What’s it about?

    P.S Daddy Ken was in one of the pictures!!! He is always by your side taking part in every event that involves the good of the community!

    ❤️Maria ??

  2. Jasmine

    Very nice Kiki. I am sure you enjoyed this especially knowing a family will be happy. Great job!

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