In the Hot Seat

Ms. Vernaire invited me to sit in the Hot Seat to talk about my blogs. I was so excited about it.

I looked at the camera and introduced myself. I told everyone my name, my age and that I was in Grade K at the Brades Primary School. I told Ms. Vernaire that my favorite subject was Mathematics. I told her that I use my fingers to count and if I ran out of fingers, I would use my teeth!. Ms. Vernaire asked me why not my toes, and I told her that I couldn’t use my toes because I couldn’t take off my shoes at school. We had a good laugh about that.

I told Ms. Vernaire, that I wanted my blogs to be read all over the world even in China. Ms. Vernaire said that she loves a girl who knows what she wants!

I told Ms. Vernaire that I wanted to be a ballerina when I grow up, but I was too shy to show her a pose. Maybe next time.

I told her about my blogs, like, My Favorite Songs, Turtle Watching, Swimming classes with Teacher Emmy and one that I really wanted to do: A hike to Rendezvous. Rendezvous Beach is special because it is Montserrat’s only white sand beach.

Ms. Vernaire was a very good host. I like this picture above because she is laughing. and she made this interview so much fun and I liked our hairstyles! Thank you for inviting me, Ms. Vernaire!

I thought the seat would be hot, but it didn’t burn me, it was kind of warm.

Check out our full interview here:

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  1. Miranda

    This blog was a funny one…it brightened my evening, thank you, I needed it. You were very brave to be interviewed by Ms. Vernaire, I hope a day I’ll be as brave as you. Great job! ??????.

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