Kassie Had Kittens!

Remember when I told you about My (not so new)Cat. Well here are some recent developments! Kassie was pregnant. Yes, she was!

I first noticed that her tummy was getting bigger and pink nipples appeared! Kassie, looked super tired all the time and she was just laying around. Sometimes she meowed for me to come by her.

One day Kassie was meowing so much that my entire family came to see what was wrong. Kassie looked like she was ready to give birth. She looked like she was trying to push them out. Check out this video:

The one day Kassie disappeared and when she came back, her tummy was not so big! I asked her “Kassie where are your babies?” I tried to follow her to see where they where, but she did not show me! She went away for a long time and came back to eat some food.

Then a week later, I noticed something in her box. Check out my tiktok video to discover what it was.

I was soo happy! Then Kassie, brought another one and then another one and then another one!

Omg! Kassie brought home 4 kittens. She protected them so well.

I could not wait to name them! So introducing……..

Kassie, now spends more of the day feeding them. They can really eat a lot!

Finally, Kassie let me touch her kittens. They are so cute!

I have decided to take care of all the kittens so unfortunately for you they are not for sale!

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