The Glowing Mountains

If you read the title, I know that you are thinking, how is it that I got to see the glowing mountains? Right?

So my Mom was on Facebook scrolling and then she saw the glowing mountains. I was next to her, peeping at her phone because I wanted to get it back.

I asked Mom “Can we go there tomorrow please?”

I asked Dad ” Can I take my tablet with me to take pictures please?”

I was so excited about going to the Montserrat Cultural Centre.

Right after school, we went to the Cultural Centre. When I walked in, I saw TWO GLOWING MOUNTAINS!!!

The first one, was Mountain Aglow and the second one was Mountain Aglow Junior. Mountain Aglow had string lights all over it. Mountain Aglow Junior’s light wasn’t on yet, but then they turned it on, and when the red light showed, it looked like a lava lamp. So cool!

I also heard some music playing ” Mountain Aglow, come ley we watch de mountain glow”.

The pictures on the mountain had words on it. It had comments from students who attended the Lookout Primary School, St. Augustine Primary School and my school, the Brades Primary School.

Only Grade 5 and 6 students got to write on it. I said “THAT’S NOT FAIR!”. I hope I get to Grade 5 or 6 soon, so that I can get a chance to write on the Mountain Aglow Junior.

Here are some words from Lookout Primary School:

Here are some words from St. Augustine Primary School:

Here are the words from Brades Primary School.

I liked this one too, which shows the whole island of Montserrat and things that we do on the island now.

The Mountain Aglow had pictures of the volcano. This one showed its guts!

I also learnt about the eruption and what happened back in July 1995. My Daddy and Mommy saw the eruption.

This picture talks about ash and falling stones. I know what ash feels like. I got a chance to go with my Mom to her school in Delvins to clean ash. I will talk about that experience in another blog.

I am glad that Montserrat is still here and I get to call it my home.

Montserrat is Still Home, Still Nice

Here are some pictures of some of the students’ work.

At the end, I was asked to leave my review. I filled out a form and left my feedback. At the back of the paper in fancy writing, I said “I really liked it”.

Here is a quick video of me explaining how I filled out the feedback form.

This was a really good experience. If you get a chance go and visit the Glowing Mountains!

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  1. Racquel Assaye

    Kearah I am so glad that you got to learn about the history of your island and that mom and dad make these experiences available to you. Don’t rush for 5th and 6th grade, enjoy every minute of every grade.

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