In the Hot Seat

Ms. Vernaire invited me to sit in the Hot Seat to talk about my blogs. I was so excited about it.

I looked at the camera and introduced myself. I told everyone my name, my age and that I was in Grade K at the Brades Primary School. I told Ms. Vernaire that my favorite subject was Mathematics. I told her that I use my fingers to count and if I ran out of fingers, I would use my teeth!. Ms. Vernaire asked me why not my toes, and I told her that I couldn’t use my toes because I couldn’t take off my shoes at school. We had a good laugh about that.

I told Ms. Vernaire, that I wanted my blogs to be read all over the world even in China. Ms. Vernaire said that she loves a girl who knows what she wants!

I told Ms. Vernaire that I wanted to be a ballerina when I grow up, but I was too shy to show her a pose. Maybe next time.

I told her about my blogs, like, My Favorite Songs, Turtle Watching, Swimming classes with Teacher Emmy and one that I really wanted to do: A hike to Rendezvous. Rendezvous Beach is special because it is Montserrat’s only white sand beach.

Ms. Vernaire was a very good host. I like this picture above because she is laughing. and she made this interview so much fun and I liked our hairstyles! Thank you for inviting me, Ms. Vernaire!

I thought the seat would be hot, but it didn’t burn me, it was kind of warm.

Check out our full interview here:


I visited PRIME. PRIME stands for “Produced in Montserrat Expo”.

When I entered the Cultural Centre there was this beautiful water fountain.

I couldn’t help myself. I took so many pictures here. I was just so beautiful!

After taking even more pictures I went inside. I found the most amazing soap display. The ladies were so friendly too! One of the ladies is a teacher at my school that is called Brades Primary School.

The sign said rectangular soaps and round soaps, but the rounds soaps were really oval-shaped, not circles.

My favourite ones were the Aloe Vera and the Green Tea & Lemongrass. They smelled so good! It was hard for me to choose just one.

I took a picture with my tablet because I really wanted to know how the soap was so clear!

Then I bought my favourite soap. I could not wait to get home to try it out.

There were other things on the table too. Here are some pictures.

We walked around some more and guess who I saw? Mr. Tabu. Do you remember when I met him in the The Art Room? Well look at these amazing drawings he brought to show.

This picture, has the war memorial, the waterfall, the evergreen tree and even the masquerades. They are Montserrat symbols!

How did Mr. Tabu do this one? He drew Plymouth all on one page.

This one is made from cardboard. I would like to try to do something like this.

My sister liked this picture because she likes black, but I think it is creepy.

You know what else I saw that was creepy. This:

A coffin. Do you think vampires are inside? The color looked purple from one side and blue from the other side.

We walked around some more. I saw my friend Nicole.

She turned her name around and called her wine “ELOCIN”. That’s cool right?

I did not get to taste the wine though, because alcohol is not for kids. That’s not fair!

There were so many more things to see at PRIME. Like Earrings, Keyrings, candle holders, cassava bread and flowers.

I really enjoyed the expo. Can’t wait for the next one.

No longer a “Shrimp”.

I am not a “Shrimp” anymore! I am now an……. “EEL!”

I am so excited that I moved up. I get to practice my kicks and move around the pool even more.

On my first day as an “Eel”, I practiced my kicks with my face down. I had to grab the wall, keep my head in the water, while blowing my bubbles and kick, kick, kick. That was some hard work!

Then I practiced my rocket ship. You know I love the rocket ship right?

Then it was time for the doggy-paddle. This one I get to keep my face out of the water, and make my hands into doggy paws and pretend to scoop ice-cream!

Then I practiced my doggy-paddle with a noodle.

That’s me in the noodle, swimming in the deeper part of the pool. That was so exciting.

Then I climbed out at the deep end, and jumped back in.. with the noodle.

Look at the splash I made!

Then we doggy-paddled back to the shallow end.

Teacher Emmy threw some toys in the water for us to dive and find. I went way under and found a blue ring. Now you see me, now you don’t.

Being an “Eel” is so much fun!

“Shrimp” Class

In “Shrimp” class, I practiced getting my face wet, floating and blowing lots of bubbles.

On my last day in “Shrimp”, I practiced everything I had been learning. I did a rocket ship,

then rolled over to my back and did a star fish,

then I flipped over again and swam to the wall.

Check out all my moves in this video:

Do I want to jump? Yes! Yes please! I want to jump Teacher Emmy!

Can you see me? I did a really big jump and went way under the water.

Teacher Emmy reminded me that I can always roll to my back and do a starfish when I need to take a breath, then flip back over to a rocket ship whenever I am ready to go again.

Shrimp class was so much fun with Teacher Emmy.

Back in the Pool Again. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I really had to send a voice note to Teacher Emmy. I said “Teacher Emmy, I want to go back to swimming! How long???? I want to swim!!!!!”.

It has been a really long time since we swam with Teacher Emmy. I love swimming with her. She is a really nice teacher. Remember my post about Sunday! Funday! and Terrific Thursday?

So when Teacher Emmy said that she was going to start swim lessons again I was super excited.

I could hardly wait for Sunday to come. I was patient all week, but then when Sunday finally came and I kept asking, “Mommy is it 3 o’clock, yet? Mommy is it 3 o’clock, yet?” 3’oclock was my class time.

On the drive over, I fell fast asleep! I heard Daddy’s voice, “Kearah are you ready for swimming?” I jumped up. We were finally there. I was ready to swim in the pool!

The pool looked so good. I couldn’t wait to get in. See I am wide awake now!

Teacher Emmy asked us if we remembered the pool rules.

I remembered some of them:

  • Don’t run around the pool
  • Don’t go in the pool without permission
  • Don’t push or pull anyone
  • Don’t pee or poop in the pool
  • Listen to and obey instructions. Three strikes and you are out.

We got in and got our faces wet by doing bops and blowing bubbles. We were turtles-hippos. We took a deep breath with our heads up like a turtle and went under the water and blew bubbles like a hippo. Do you see my bubbles?

Teacher Emmy reminded us of the rocket ship. Look at her go! She is really good at this.

Then I did my rocket ship!

Teacher Emmy reminded me to keep my arms straight out… like a rocket ship!

I also did my star fish. Keeping my head up to the sky`.

Soon it was time to get out of the pool. I really had loads of fun today and learnt so much. Swimming is fun. Thank you Teacher Emmy.

I can’t wait to get all wet again in the pool.

Digraphs and Trigraphs

Do you know your digraphs and trigraphs? In Grade K, I learnt all about digraphs and trigraphs. I really enjoyed learning all about them.

These are the digraphs that I learnt so far in Grade K:

ch, sh, ng, th, qu, ck, nk, ee, ai, oa, oi, ow, ar, ur, or, er, tt, ea, mm, ay, ph, ff, pp, ir, bb, ck, ll, oy, aw, wh, ew, oo, oo.

The “oo” has different sounds, that’s why I put another **oo**.

Here are some pictures to show you what I mean. This is the ch digraph.

Digraphs can be found at the beginning, middle or the ending of words. Look at this “th” digraph. Do you see what I mean?

Here are some words with some of the other digraphs:

These are the trigraphs I have learnt so far in Grade K:

igh, ure, ear, ire, air.

Here are some words with these trigraphs.

I looked through my book to make sure that I didn’t miss any digraphs and trigraphs. I look forward to learning some more in Grade 1.

The Art Room

I was so amazed! When I entered my sister’s classroom, everything caught my attention. I moved from picture to picture. Everything looked fantastic.

My sister said that this was her Art classroom. She introduced me to her teacher. His name is Mr. Tabu.

Mr. Tabu is so talented. He was colouring a picture of some leaves. Look at it:

He said he was going to do another one afterwards.

I asked him to draw a picture for ME to colour too and he did! Right there on the spot! Look at how easy his hands moved to make this beautiful flower:

I could not believe my eyes!

He showed me how to mix the yellow and blue crayons to make green for the stem of the flowers. He also showed me how I should colour the petals.

I walked around the art room some more and took pictures! Here is a glimpse of what I saw:

I saw this picture and Mr. Tabu said that it is a painting of buildings in the destroyed capital, Plymouth. I had to take a picture of it. Do you know where this is?

I asked Mr. Tabu to take a picture with me. I am so happy that I met him.

Whenever you get a chance, you can visit the art room at my sister’s school.

An Easter Sunday Hike

On Easter Sunday I went on a hike.

There was some slippery places to cross so David hoisted me up for the walk. There was also a steep hill, and David ran all the way up the hill with me. Thank you David!

Here is a song we sang along the way:

I changed it up a bit and said Uncle Shark, Auntie Shark and Sister Shark, but I forgot to sing cousin shark and baby cousin shark.

Then I started whistling this song and some people started singing : Don’t worry, be happy!

I saw termites along the way! They ate the tree until it died. I saw a hummingbird too! It’s throat was bluish greenish.

I thought I saw a mountain chicken but it turned out to be a “Cane Toad”. Can you see it? It looks a bit camouflaged.

I like walking through the trees. It was really nice.

After walking for a while, Mommy gave me some water and a little piece of candy to get energy. Can you see the candy in my mouth?

I really did get some energy. Check out my short walking video.

At the end of the hike my feet were so tired and I was sleepy too, but I really had a good time.

Tae Kwon Do

My parents said even before I was born, I went to Tae Kwon Do!

My Mommy explained that she would take my sister to Tae Kwon Do when I was in still in her tummy.

This picture was taken when my sister got her purple belt. She did really well in her exam. See how tiny I was! I touched her cute face!

As I grew older, my sister continued to practice and got better and better.

She moved up from purple belt, to red belt, to red belt strike 1, to red belt strike 2 and now she is in brown belt strike 1. She is a senior belt. Soon, she will try for the black belt.

I told my sister that I wanted to join Tae Kwon Do like her, but she always said, “When you get a little older”. Now, I am finally old enough to join Tae Kwon Do. My sister said that she will teach me, but I have to promise to listen to her. I promised.

My first day was great!

We had to do warm ups first. Look at me doing a plank. Can you do a plank?

Then I learnt how to do a punch.

Then I learnt a move called the “over head block”.

The overhead block is used to stop anyone from hitting you in your head. Here I am practicing my overhead block.

This is the “double arm block”.

I practiced some front kicks and side kicks too!

Then we did a move called the “chariot” and then we bowed at the end of our moves as a sign of respect to the instructor.

I can’t wait for the next session. I will continue to practice what I learnt!.