A Tortoise

The last time I saw this tortoise it was so small, and now it is so big! Uncle Roland took it from its hiding place, so that I can get a chance to see it.

Uncle tried to get it to show its face, by giving it some water, but I guess it was too shy.

It did not come out at all.

I tried to tickle it a bit to see if it would show me its face and legs.

But it stayed neatly tucked inside its shell.

Awww…. hopefully next time it will show its face.

Until next time tortoise!

This reminded me of the time I saw the Green Turtle Laying Eggs. Did you know that the major key difference between a turtle and a tortoise is that a tortoise spends most of their time on land but turtlesĀ are adapted for life spent in water?

Check out this video which illustrates the difference between turtles and tortoises.

Bird Posters

When I got home from school, my Mommy said that she had a surprise for me. She unrolled some paper and there they were, some beautiful bird posters!

I quickly pointed out the birds that I saw on the Shorebird Watching tour and the ones I saw in my backyard when I was Feeding Hummingbirds. In the picture below, I am pointing to the Montserrat Oriole and the Purple-throated Carib.

Here is a closer look at the posters.

The Montserrat Oriole was declared a National Bird in 1982. That was such a long time ago. (I know someone who was born in 1982, but she says she is not old!)

In this poster below, can you see the Purple-throated Carib? There is a Green-throated Carib too. I would really like to see the Antillean crested hummingbird.

Do you remember the picture of this bird from my Shorebird Watching? It is on the poster too!

Have a look at this Shorebirds of Montserrat poster and see if you can find it.

Did you find it? It is a semipalmated sandpiper.

Have a closer look at all the other shorebirds.

Did you know that these birds depend on wetlands. We celebrated World Wetlands day on February 2nd and we were reminded to protect the environment. I got an amazing sticker from Miss Thiffanie.

I quickly put it on my tablet.

The Department of Environment also had some other cool posters. Mr. Mendes gave me one about the Montserrat Pribby. It is an endemic plant.

And another one about the Montserrat Orchid. It is an endemic plant too!

And this one about the Mountain Chicken. Some people think that the Mountain Chicken are chickens, but they are not. They are frogs!

The Department of Environment has Fridge Magnets too! In this one, the Montserrat Oriole is standing on the red Heliconia, which is our National flower.

If you get a chance, you can stop by the Department of Environment to get a poster of your very own.

Feeding Hummingbirds

I love when it is time to refill our bird feeder.

My mom prepares a special liquid for the birds. She mixes some sugar with water and then boils it on the stove for a short while. When it cools, we take it outside and pour it into the bird feeder, filling it all the way up!

My Daddy said that we need to close the bird feeder tightly afterwards. He is so strong!

As soon as my Daddy turned over the bird feeder, the hummingbirds were there, ready to drink. The really liked the food!

The hummingbird that came, is called a “Purple-throated Carib”. Guess who told me that? Yes, Scriber!

See its purple throat in the picture below? It uses its beak and long tongue to get the sweet water.

Then we put the bird feeder up in the tree, so that the birds can drink whenever they need to get energy.

The birds drank and drank and drank. Look! The sweet water is almost finished!

One of the birds kept running the others away from the feeder!

Then they got into a fight! Look at them fighting! I don’t like fighting!

So I called out to them. I said “Hummy! Hummy!”.

They came close by and stayed for a little while.

Look at these amazing pictures that we got! The feathers are soooo pretty and colourful!

Did you know that Hummingbirds are the only birds that can fly up, down, sideways, forwards, and, backwards! That’s because they make a “Figure 8” pattern when they fly!

Check out these amazing facts:

I hope the hummingbirds keep visiting our feeder!

Christmas Lights

Do you love to see Christmas lights? I do!

I wanted to get a bit closer to them. We took a drive around to see if we could find any pretty lights and I found some that I really liked.

MS Osborne Ltd looked amazing! Santa and his reindeers were lifting off into the night sky.

The Little Bay Market Building looked so pretty with all the lights. It looked a castle.

In the small park area, there were lights everywhere and I wanted to get really close so that I can take some pictures with them.

My favorite one was the Eiffel Tower. You know, like the one in Paris.

Look at how the light color changed every time I made a new pose. So awesome!

Then I saw a Reindeer! This one with the red bow was really cute.

Then I saw more Reindeers.

And I also saw Santa’s sleigh.

And the blue balls…. just fantastic.

I was just so happy with all these lights.

Then I saw my friend Tajhua from school. He was taking pictures as well. He was just as excited as I was. We ran up and down and had some more fun.

We drove around some more and I saw even more pretty lights. Check these ones out:

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and I would like to wish you all the best for the new year…..2021!.

Distributing Care Packages

After preparing the Care Packages, it was now time to give them out.

Our first stop was up a very, very steep hill. We said a prayer for the family and then gave them the care package. They were very thankful.

My sister and I were glad that we helped to make someone smile so we ran down the steep hill.

At the next stop, we prayed and gave the family a care package. I also saw the cutest puppy ever!

It greeted us and was running up and down so playfully.

It looked like it was smiling with me.

At the next stop, we got this amazing view of the ocean.

We walked between a pathway to get to the house to deliver the care package to another gentleman.

Then we went to another lady’s home. She said she knew my Great grand mother, my grand mother and even my Mommy! She was so nice. We prayed with her and gave her a pink care package.

The view here was really nice too.

We then met another man. He was blind, but he recognized the voices of the persons who were talking to him. He was still so happy, making jokes and smiling. We prayed with him too and gave him a care package.

Then the last care package was for a lady that I wanted to see again so badly. When we got to her home, we learnt that she was not there, she was in the hospital.

I was so sad about it, but we prayed for her right then and there.

I hope that she feels much better and that I get to see her again soon. My grandma says that she is 93 years old.

Care Packages

My church decided that we going to distribute care packages into the community. I really wanted to help out because I remember how much fun it was to surprise someone else with a Blessings Box.

There were so many items being organized to be packed into bags to give out. The bags were green and pink. This is my grandma holding a pink bag. Pink is one of my favorite colors!

My sister Keilah and her friend Shawne did some labelling.

They labelled the brown sugar,

the white sugar and the cornmeal.

There were other goodies there to be packed up too. Like vienna sausage and macaroni and cheese… Mmmmmm. I love macaroni and cheese.

Into the bag it went. Someone would be very happy!

We added some sweetness too. Jolly Rancher Candy and some mints. I was allowed to have one while I worked…. you know….. to give me some energy.

There was even dishwashing liquid, toilet paper and soap. The soap smelled so good.

I helped to pack these items in a separate bag from the food stuff.

Then my job was to make sure that each one of those bags had a special book in it.

The name of the book is “Hope in the Midst of Chaos”.

Here is a video of how we organized the bags for delivery. It was so much fun helping to prepare them.

Everyone helped out and soon the tables were empty and the bags were all packed.

Now the bags are ready to be given out.

Read about Distributing Care Packages.

Blessings Box

Have you ever done something nice for someone for no particular reason? Well, that’s what I decided to do.

In our Zoom Sabbath School meeting, Teacher Sharmen encouraged us to create a blessings box.

This is a box that you can fill with goodies and then give to someone for “no particular reason”.

I was so excited to start doing this assignment.

I collected an empty box, and covered it with wrapping paper to make it look extra special and pretty.

Then I thought of all the special things that I could put inside.

Maybe a card, or a book or some delicious candy?

I got busy on making the card first and then I collected all the other special things and put them in the blessings box too.

Then I closed up the box and put a special bow on it.

Now it was ready to be delivered.

I was so excited because this special person was going to be so surprised.

I put it carefully in the car.

We were finally there. I was so excited!

I walked quickly.

I hurried to my classroom and handed the blessings box to my Teacher. She read the label, then she looked up at me, shocked.

It was for her! It was for my teacher…..Teacher Rowmelda! She was so surprised and happy too!

I just wanted to say:

It felt great to do something nice for someone else….. for no particular reason.

The Magic Porridge Pot

The story of the Magic Porridge Pot was read to my class this week, during the “Reading across Montserrat” activity. Dr. Skerritt read for us.

I like the part when the little girls says, “Cook little pot”. She loves porridge and I do too. Check out the story below: